Saturday, November 16, 2013

The most facinating cities is Moscow

Moscow is among the most fascinating cities on the globe. It welcomes numerous visitors each year. Some come for work, some - for pleasure. There are activities to do for anybody. It seems that the complete city includes architectural landmarks, museums, cathedrals. There will be something to surprise any visitor with. Moscow is not just a magnet for tourists, but in addition for businessmen since most Russian business is concentrated in Moscow.
For the recent past Moscow may be just about the most expensive cities on the globe, comparable to London, Tokyo and New York. It is almost a country in just a country using its own dynamics and is not the same as the entire content of Russian cities mainly as a result of concentration in the headquarters of the largest companies, and for that reason high concentration of population in the area. Unfortunately that can create a live in Moscow a bit difficult because the traffic can be unbearable. But there's always ways around it. Moscow Metro is one of them.
Moscow Metro or subway system is a marvel of contemporary architecture. It covers the whole city and featuring its convenience has become the best type of transportation within the Russian capital. Most of its stations are true artistic marvels , with sculptures, mosaics and paintings. Any visitor to Moscow should be advised to determine it on their own, because there is not a similar subway system anywhere else on earth.
The first mentioning of Moscow was throughout the year 1147. The founder of Moscow is Yurij Dokgorukij, built its first castle (called Kremlin) in order to protect the area. Moscow became Russian capital across the fifteenth century when most with the parts of Russian territory were united. From that time Moscow became a center of Russian politics, religion, trade. In 1712 Moscow lost its official status of a Russian capital, it had been then used in Saint-Petersburg, but even so Moscow remained a center of Russian political life. In 1918 Moscow is again given a status of the capital, it isn't Tsar's Russia at the time anymore, but a whole new state called Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR). Moscow Kremlin once more took over as the place where most political/historical decisions were made. Unfortunately the of Soviet Russia and Moscow is loaded with sad events, from Stalinism to second World War, destruction of historical monuments, cathedrals, golden-domed churches. But Moscow survived that and it is again an exciting city packed with power, money, success, as well as on the opposite hand full of rich history and culture.
Moscow is an unique city that moves in a head-spinning rhythm and is also filled with energy, but simultaneously it is loaded with fascinating history. So in order to take advantage of the city you ought to know what to do, what to view, planning the perfect a visit, etc.
In the guide I will describe the most interesting things for the traveler: museums, cathedrals, theaters, night life, and also will provide tips about places to stay and the ways to travel to the Russian capital. Stay tuned.

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